Scattered Legion -  mercenary organization that takes kill and capture missions and works through a series of intermediaries and independent agents. Any mission accepted is almost always completed eventually

Crimson Eye - a large collection of small bands of bandits operating in various parts of the Free Cities. They have plagued the combined military for many years and no one knows who leads the band but orders continue to flow to agents in small towns passed to nearby bands and similar such methods. The group refers to its leader as Lord Crimson, whether or not he is a lord or has anything to do with the color crimson is obviously unknown

Knight Orders of the Ci'el
Knights of Solace – Torch Bearers – Adeyia
Knights of the Great Oak – Woodstalkers – Hydine
Knights of Foundation – Wall's Sentinels – Kalldra
Knights of Fate – Fate Wardens – Melina
Knights of Stone – Stone Guards – Rhadri
Knights of Sacrifice – Guardian Protectors – Pytear
Knights of Secrets – Lore Seekers – Lorai

The Red Sons – Thieves' Guild in Adretan that worked for the Cult of Avar. Subordinate organization to the Crimson Eye

Shai-Alim – Group of Idellii survivors that want to do something terrible (probably) involving Connor and Maryanne. Always wear masks.

Cult of Avar – Church dedicated to a new goddess. Front for cult activities doing crazy evil shit, at least in adretan.


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